Franken Homes is a great team of workers.  By team, I mean family, friends, brothers and colleagues that all share a passion to help others in their construction projects.  I am glad I share the workplace with them for almost 10 years now.  As a framer/roofer sub-contractor, finding good relation contract is not always the easiest, but with Franken Homes, respect and problem solving is number one and the reason why it works.

From small in house projects to rebuilding a whole new complex, they know it all and surround themselves with skilled and knowledgeable people to ensure the work is well done.  The control is well kept and presence, heart and passion are maintained throughout the entire process, which guarantees a great and strong finished product.  Thank you for your dedication in all projects from residential to commercial; the outcome is always the best.

Nicolas Dubois

Franken Homes demonstrated high quality work and took the extra steps necessary to build a spectacular custom home for me.  The company was diligent in providing unprompted feedback and updates so that I never felt uniformed on my house build.  Last minute unforeseen changes that I initiated during the construction process were handled in stride by Franken Homes.  As a first time home-builder, Frank Homes made navigating the challenging construction process easy and my experience with them has been so good that I’ve asked them to build another property for me!

Jason Kirkpatrick

Franken Homes has been an absolute pleasure to work with. From beginning to end, the process was efficient and straightforward. As issues arose, as they always do during the construction process, it was reassuring to know that Ulco would consistently work in our best interest as investors and find solutions rather than making the problems ours to resolve. Our project was completed on time and on budget with an impressive level of finishing. I would definitely recommend working with them.

                                  Kristy and Jay Herrick

Franken homes is with out a doubt The best contractor I have had the pleasure of working with and in my many years as a realtor and property owner. The quality of their work has been top-notch since day one and has never once faltered. Their pricing is always competitive and fair. They are happy and willing willing to take accountability for the rare touch ups that are needed and even more importantly they are prompt and friendly when coming back for any service calls after the work is complete.

The most notable to attribute of Franken is a true customer service first mentality. I cannot emphasise enough from my years of experience how exceptional and rare this attitude is as a contractor.

I enthusiastically use Franken for my own projects and confidently refer them to all of my client’s friends and family.

James Knull

Ulco is professional and very experienced. He is also a good mentor and will answer any questions and willing to spend time teaching and educating me.  Very high quality renovation too!


When the time came to find a builder we did a lot of research before settling on Franken Homes, and we were not disappointed! From our initial meeting to the completion of our home, Franken Homes proved to be professional, knowledgeable, flexible, and creative.  Franken Homes sets the standard for what the experience of a build should be–stress free and rewarding.  We are thrilled with our new home and would recommend them without hesitation!

Jassi and Maryham Parmar

It was such a relief to find a contractor that we could trust in Ulco after years of wanting to find a home we could turn into an income property he had the expertise that gave us the confidence to go forward. He helped us renovate the kitchen and bathroom upstairs to truly make it our home and did a beautiful basement suite as well.  He knows houses and can walk into one and assess its strengths and problems too. He is a problem solver and that is key because things happen as they always do…the first property he told us to run from and just knowing you have an expert on your side who truly cares helps the process immensely. He was forever patient and prompt answering my thousand and one questions and you’ll never find someone more dedicated as he was even ensuring things were going smoothly from his emergency room bed! Can’t thank you enough Ulco!

Thanks again!  Lisa

Franken Homes is a premier builder that I have trusted on multiple projects; from legal basement suite developments, complete interior renovations, and infill developments.  Having worked with multiple builders and contractors, I can say with confidence that they will not disappoint.  Their friendly communication and consistent professionalism make them my first recommendation for any residential construction project.  They are completely engaged in every aspect of their work and I truly enjoy working with Styn and Ulco.

Justin Mywaart

I would highly recommend Franken Homes to bring your dream home to life. They took what was quite distressed looking place and made it fabulous. They were easy to work with, responsive and reasonable. Thumbs up all the way.

Michael Marshall